Yoga. Wellness.


Yoga and Ayurveda have been around for thousands of years. Many of us are discovering that the path to wellness and peace can be found with a little knowledge and the consistent practice of some very basic principles.  With over 30 years experience in the arts of healing and teaching, I have been able to help folks find their way to real health.


Ayurveda is a system of healing the body that was developed by rishis or ‘seers’ during the Indian Vedic era thousands of years ago. It is both a science and an art that explains your unique connection to the environment of which you are an integral part. It has also been called yoga’s ‘sister science’ and is the deepest approach to understanding your body and your mind.


Yoga is more than simply stretching — and you don’t need a ‘bendy’ body to do it. The breath is consciously used to release the mind’s unhelpful patterns and the postures help to strengthen and purify the body.  Yoga starts with the application of simple techniques and consistent practices passed down from teacher to student.

Ayurvedic and Massage Body Therapies

Soon to be offered locally, check back in October for details!

Ayurvedic Health Counseling

Offered locally and remotely.  Contact me for details.


Contact me for private yoga sessions where you will learn sequence and breath through an easy and focused flow.  I have decades of experience in yoga and have been teaching for over 15 years.



Two day Ayurvedic workshops (part of yoga trainings and immersions)

Vero Beach, Florida  July 10th and 12th ~ Level Yoga
Melbourne Beach, Florida   July 27th and 28th ~ Thee House of Yoga