Testimonials from some of my massage and body work clients:
“Parthena is a professional…her touch completely relaxed and helped remove the last 3 months of intense mental work!”
“Parthena took me on a delightful journey…I felt I had a massage as well as energy work done, wonderful!”
“Strong hands, good listener…intuitive”.
“I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time, thank you!”
“Attention to detail was great!”
“Exactly what I needed today!”
“Amazing! And I adored the oil used!”
“Perfect sense and touch…a fabulous massage with healing effects.”
“Hands are so therapeutic and relaxing to the body–what a gift.”
“Loved my experience!”


Below are Testimonials from workshops and individual Ayurvedic clients.

Thank you again for coming to teach our trainees. Each and every time you come the students continue to rave about how much they enjoyed their time with you!  Carly Barnes, owner

~Level Yoga, Vero Beach, Florida.

What a wonderful weekend we spent together!  Thank you so much Parthena, you are an amazing Ayurveda teacher, you made learning fun, joyful, easy for me to understand, and the class was full of laughter…everyone had a great time.


~Nini, Orlando, Florida.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I learned so much and what I learned was so practical. I’m grateful for your gifts and that you were so willing to share them with us. You have a genuine way of teaching. I just finish my sesame oil bath and I feel amazing.


~ Robin, Orlando, Florida.

The lessons [from this past weekend with Parthena] in Ayurveda  really inspired me to revisit the svadyaya (self study) aspect of yoga.  I questioned myself,  How much self-care do I really indulge in?  Do I give enough back to myself?  If you are on that boat of being a go go go person and feel like you may not be doing enough for yourself, I invite you to research  Ayurveda and learn how incorporating some simple everyday tips and tricks of this ancient philosophy can aid in making you a healthy and happy human being.

K.R., – Orlando, FL

I have had 7 Ayurvedic sessions with Parthena thus far and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey that she has taken me on. Having come into these classes with a little fore-knowledge of the ancient science of Ayurveda, I was motivated to acquire a deeper knowledge of the process.

My primary goal was to lose weight and to instill some healthier approaches to food and how it plays out in daily life as to increase my sense of well-being and vibrant health. By the end of 6 weekly sessions, I had lost close to 10 lbs., which was so thrilling!

Just by following Parthena’s nurturing, supportive guidance, based on her extensive knowledge of Ayurveda gained from years of enthusiastic and diligent studies and practices on her part, I’ve already come of long way towards achieving my initial goal.

Parthena works hard for her clients, providing each with an individualized ‘map’ of how to reach his or her goals with as little stress as possible as well as providing a welcoming, non-judgmental, safe space. I highly recommend!

G. M., Sebastian, FL

I have wanted to write this weeks ago… My journey is progressing and I do feel very good; I am down to 133 lbs. I finally have made progress getting into a daily routine!! Recently, I have been working more and feel more productive. Hoping this finds you well…”.

M.M., – Vero Beach, FL

I did lose 15-20 pounds… that’s really significant. You have done a beautiful job of giving me information, options and advice. Thanks Parthena!

C.E., – Orchid Island, FL

I saw this amazing Parthena for 6 lovely sessions.  I went in not knowing much about Ayurveda, but with Parthena’s knowledge of Ayurveda and life, and her simplicity of words , EVERYTHING about it made sense to me. Parthena guided me to re-discover things that I had forgotten and why they were important [to me] as a human being.  Something so simple as to be with your food and eat with no distractions.  She cooked for me, we had tea (best suited for me) together, gave me book recommendations and meditation techniques.  I could go on and on!  Give Ayurveda a try and there’s no way you won’t come out feeling re-energized….

J.C., – Melbourne, FL

Your presentation was first class, you definitely know your stuff. Thanks for sharing.


~ M.B, Sebastian, Florida.

I have always enjoyed Parthena’s yoga classes. It is readily apparent she has a wealth of experience and knowledge plus she is a great instructor.

After reviewing her website, I got interested in Ayurveda and started to work with Parthena to improve my overall health and to better manage my weight.

I have incorporated several healthy routines into my day which will have long term benefits, I have learned a lot about healthy living and I have a far greater awareness of my health.

Best of all, I have shed a few pounds and feel I have initiated a process that will continue me in this direction.

G.K., Vero Beach, FL

I initially called Parthena for help with an eating disorder that I have battled for years. I was very unsettled and unsatisfied with life and feeling generally hopeless because of my binge eating. This energy had taken over my entire being but Parthena chipped away at what was going on little by little with her loving calm voice and all her genuine concern. Her love and acceptance of me and where I was in life, I believe, is what is helping me to finally find my own path again. I have been slowly doing the breath work and mindfully engaging with my food and am seeing great improvement in my relationship with food as well as my relationship with others. My eyes are opening up to possibilities and new passions in life. I signed up for a college class, bought a camera, and scheduled a hiking trip–all things that I would struggle doing before because of the eating disorder. I am so thankful to Parthena for helping me see that I can observe what I’m doing and that I can love and accept myself exactly where I am on my way to where I want to be.

A.R., Pittsburgh, PA

Parthena has a healing spirit. She is drawn to creating a healthy balanced life for herself and those she comes into contact with. Her Rasa tea helped to heal my severe tendinitis. I could not lift my right arm without being in excruciating pain. She is deeply knowledgeable in Ayurveda, herbs, and yoga and will advise and guide you so that you can reach your healing goals.

M.M., – Melbourne, FL

I was already sick and exhausted when I began the [Ayurvedic] program and it required a lot of daily work. When this work became routine, it left me with an outline on how to live a fuller life with awareness. This has now become a wonderful way to live. I am so very grateful.

L.B., – Vero Beach, FL

I’m so much better. You taught me to take care of myself and soothe myself . I recover so much quicker.  Just wanted you to know how much you have helped . I still get tired and need to pace myself . But I am not frayed anymore . It’s so good to be on the other side .

M.H., – West Palm Beach, FL

My life is richer, clearer, is more energetically lubricated with gentle mindfulness, acceptance, peace & joy (actually!) for having worked with you…

Alicia B.

Parthena has been teaching Ayurveda weekends as part of our apprenticeship program for many years now and she is such a value-add to our program. Her knowledge is vast and her passion is deep. She brings joy to her teaching and students truly love her. I could not recommend her enough!

Krista Shirley, level two ashtanga teacher

Owner of The Yoga Shala