Please Note
I will be in India this fall, 2022.  Office will reopen on January 2, 2023   

Ayurvedic Classes and Intensives
I present a number of health topics through the Ayurvedic lens to interested audiences. I also teach the Ayurvedic component to yoga teacher trainings and intensives, 4 to 8 hour offerings.  E-mail me for details.  parthenayoga(at sign)yahoo(dot)com.

Where:  Everyday People Yoga; Eugene, Oregon in person or via ZOOM
When:  Sundays~  January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th – 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. PT
Who:  Anyone with an interest in their health and well-being
Cost: $25 for individual sessions or $75 for all four sessions
*If finances are an issue, please contact Parthena

Past recent classes
Eugene, Oregon – Everyday People Yoga  
September – October  2021
Saturday Ayurveda Series
Topics included:  Taming that unruly vata; cooling down pitta’s fire; enlivening the kapha dosha; and balancing all three doshas.   Asana and breathing practices were a part of this series.
January 2022 – June 2022
Ayurvedic talks, first Sunday of the month:  JAN~ Ayurveda and the art of the daily routine; FEB~ Ayurveda and the Mind; MAR~ Ayurveda and Cooking; APR~ Ayurveda and body therapies; MAY ~ Ayurveda and the aging process; JUN~ Ayurveda and the use of common kitchen herbs. 

How I work with individuals
We begin with a half hour complimentary phone consultation.  I work weekdays, 10 months out of the year (or when I’m not traveling).  Contact me (by using the form below) to set up a time!

For this program to be effective, clients need to see me for a consistent series of appointments.

Session blocks are offered in increments of six.  The first six sessions is when I get to understand your prakruti (constitution) and vikruti (current state of imbalance.)  Working together weekly is recommended so that I can effectively tune in before we implement an agreed upon plan directed towards your well-being.

Initial 6 visits:  $550
Entails: one initial consult (1.5 hours going over a 10-page intake form, pulse, tongue diagnosis), one report of findings (where I present a plan going forward based on the initial session), plus four, 60-minute follow up visits for coaching and tweaking of the plan presented in the report of findings session. **

Second set of 6 visits:  $350
This entails ongoing coaching as we implement diet and lifestyle adjustments.  This is typically the time when I will recommend herbal and other supplements, breath work, mantra, yoga asanas, color therapy, etc. **

Third set of 6 visits:  $350
A continuation and deep exploration of the above. **

**Appointments are generally scheduled the same day, one week apart and can be in the ZOOM format.  Typed up notes are sent via e-mail following each visit. Clients must keep track of their food/supplement intake throughout our scheduled time together.

Individual session for established clients:  $70 per hour

Single session for a non-established client:  $108 75 minutes

Why work with me
1. I have been on the healing path for decades and have positively influenced hundreds of people on their healing journeys.
2. I have spent thousands of hours studying, practicing, and traveling to learn Ayurveda, yoga, herbology, iridology, body therapies, and energy healing. 
3. I am a professional teacher and have worked in the field of communication and education for over four decades. 
4. I am an intuitive and utilize this gift when working with clients. 
5. I highly personalize each program and recognize the uniqueness of each individual.

 Please know~ I do not interpret medical tests or treat through an allopathic lens.  And I am not a medical doctor.  Ayurveda is the science of balance and reconnection. It is a complementary discipline that you can do alongside other medical treatments and healing modalities. Ayurveda is an ancient science that recognizes no quick fixes, and that there is not one exclusive path through which one could heal. It also knows that everyone responds differently to various treatments, herbs, supplements, foods, and even practitioners.

Unless special arrangements have been made, I require payment in full before scheduled sessions.

~Payments can be made through PayPal, Venmo, or check 

Cancellation policy
An e-mail reminder is sent out 24 hours prior before a ZOOM or in person session.

If a scheduled session is cancelled more than 12 hours beforehand, then that session may be rescheduled.  If the session is cancelled less than 12 hours before a scheduled session and is not related to an emergency or illness, then client forfeits that time or 100% of the fee paid for that session.

E-mail me parthena yoga @yahoo(dot)com for more information!  You can also see what folks are saying.