I currently see clients at my Eugene office in the Everyday People Yoga building.  I also work with clients via the ZOOM platform.  If you would like to schedule a complimentary 20 minute session, please e-mail me and we can set up a time.   parthena yoga @ yahoo.com

I also do body work as a licensed massage therapist and will be incorporating marma therapy (Ayurvedic acupressure) and external bastis into my practice in 2022.



Ayurvedic Classes; Eugene, Oregon  2022

WhereEveryday People Yoga; 352 W. 12th Avenue.
When:  First Sunday of every month, beginning January 2022.
Who:  Anyone with an interest in health and wellness.  These 75 minute talks will also be available via ZOOM for folks who cannot be there in person.
What: There will be a particular focus each month:  JAN~ Ayurveda and the art of the daily routine; FEB~ Ayurveda and the Mind; MAR~ Ayurveda and Cooking; APR~ Ayurveda and body therapies; MAY ~ Ayurveda and the aging process; JUN~ Ayurveda and the use of common kitchen herbs.
Cost: $16 drop-in or members can use their class pass.  Sign up through Everyday People Yoga.

Teaching Ayurveda and Ayurvedic concepts to groups
I teach on a number of health topics through the Ayurvedic lens. I also organize  Ayurvedic presentations as part of yoga teacher trainings and intensives, one day or weekend events.  Write me for details.  parthenayoga @ yahoo.com.

Most recent
September 25 – October 16, 2021
Eugene, Oregon – Everyday People Yoga      
Saturday Ayurveda Series 2:00 – 3:30
Topics included:  Taming that unruly vata; cooling down pitta’s fire; Enlivening the kapha dosha; and balancing all three doshas.   Asana and breathing practices were a part of this series.

E-mail me parthena yoga @yahoo.com for more information.  You can also see what folks are saying.