Private Ayurvedic coaching and group workshops

Private coaching

Please click on the following link to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consult with me to see if this approach to health and wellness is for you!      

Teaching Ayurveda and Ayurvedic concepts

I teach small and large groups on a number of health topics through the lens of Ayurveda.  I have also taught dozens of workshops as part of yoga teacher trainings and intensives.

Feel free to contact me for more information.  You can also see what folks are saying about working with me.


I am currently taking clients and working with them via phone or the ZOOM platform.  If you would like to schedule a complimentary 30 minute session to see if I can help you reach your health goals, please click here and pick a time that works for you.


Currently, there are no live events scheduled.  However, you can connect with me by scheduling a complimentary consult session, signing up (below) for my newsletter, or by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

These are some of the yoga studios/shalas where I teach weekend or day long Ayurvedic components to yoga training programs.
The Yoga Space, Melbourne, Florida
Level Yoga, Vero Beach, Florida
The Yoga Pagoda, Vero Beach, Florida
The Yoga Shala, Winter Park, Florida
Thee House of Yoga, Melbourne, Florida

Some of the places where I’ve conducted workshops on herbal making, gave talks on travel adventures, and taught Ayurvedic workshop series.
Sustainable Kashi
Yoga Vision, Vero Beach, Florida
Luna Sol, Sebastian, Florida
LPS Yoga Massage Wellness, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
InJoy Wellness Center, Eugene, Oregon
Sebastian Yoga Studio, Sebastian, Florida
Bear Glasgow YMCA, Wilmington, Delaware
Yoga Pagoda, Vero Beach, Florida
Center for Spiritual Care, Vero Beach, Florida
Synergy Institute, Sebastian, Florida

Miami, Florida
May 13 & 14 ~ Dr. Ramkumar will be speaking Monday, May 14 at Sampoorna College.  He is one of the directors at Vaidyagrama Healing Village in south India.  He will also be speaking on Sunday, May 13th in Ft. Lauderdale at Yoga Warehouse.  I will be with him at both of those events.

Private or group sessions on yoga, meditation, Ayurveda

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Om satamanam bhavatu satayuh
purusah satendriya
ayusyevendriye prati tisthati

May your life measure a hundred years
May your sense organs be healthy for a hundred years
May Purusa (spirit) remain in your life and body’s senses