Private Ayurvedic coaching and group workshops on health and wellness

Some ways you can work with me~
1. Schedule two consecutive visits and receive a highly personalized health plan, inspired by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.  You’ll receive a personal write up after our first meeting together. 
2. Commit to working with me for several weeks after the first two visits for coaching that will help you implement your plan.
3. Meet or Skype with me for a one hour consultation where I can advise you in the best direction for your health.

Discussions and recommendations revolve around:  diet, lifestyle, supplements, herbs.

I also teach small and large groups on a number of health topics through the lens of Ayurveda and have done dozens of workshops as part of yoga teacher trainings and intensives.

Please contact me for more information.

Parthena’s spirit shines through her knowledge in Ayurveda. She teaches to the 200hour Yoga Teacher Training program and the way she shares the information allows the students to easily bring this practice into their lives.  Her presentation is outstanding! Thank you Parthena for being a part of the studio.  ~Amanda Steadman & Carly Barnes, owners of Vero BeachYoga Barre

Parthena has been teaching Ayurveda weekends as part of our apprenticeship program for many years now and she is such a value-add to our program.  Her knowledge is vast and her passion is deep.  She brings joy to her teaching and students truly love her.  I could not recommend her enough!   ~Krista Shirley, owner of Yoga Shala, Orlando

It was such a pleasure to meet you and learn from you last weekend.  I enjoyed what we spoke about and I am excited to begin exploring and learning more.  The material was clear and well organized.  Your calm, open-minded and sometimes humorous presentation of the material made it enjoyable to digest and process the information presented.  I feel like I left with a great base understanding of the principles of Ayurveda and a wealth of resources to begin applying it practically to my life. ~A.C., Vero Beach,  Yoga Pagoda

The lessons [from this past weekend with Parthena] in Ayurveda  really inspired me to revisit the svadyaya (self study) aspect of yoga.  I questioned myself,  How much self-care do I really indulge in?  Do I give enough back to myself?  If you are on that boat of being a go go go person and feel like you may not be doing enough for yourself, I invite you to research  Ayurveda and learn how incorporating some simple everyday tips and tricks of this ancient philosophy can aid in making you a healthy and happy human being.  ~Yoga intensive participant, Orlando



Local yoga classes~

Fridays, 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Vinyasa flow.  In this class, we will move in and out of postures while engaging the breath.  During the last 5 -10 minutes of class, we will practice yogic breathing, or pranayama, that will both soothe the mind and further balance the body.
LunaSol, Sebastian, Florida.

Saturdays, 7:15 - 8:30 a.m. Ashtanga yoga.  In this class, you will be lead through most of ashtanga yoga's primary series as taught to me by my teachers who have practiced extensively in Mysore, India.  Level Yoga, Vero Beach, Florida.

Local Ayurveda talk~

In this two hour introduction, you will understand how to balance your dosha, access your prana and rekindle your agni through diet and simple lifestyle adjustments. Come and join us at the beautiful Level Yoga on Vero's beach, Saturday, May 18th.  Stay tuned for details!


I will be teaching an ashtanga-based class as a substitute for Bruce in Vero Beach, FL
at Level Yoga on March 13, 16, 20, 23, and 27.


 I am currently working towards a massage therapy license and am completing my hours for student massages at The Space Coast Massage Center until July.  Call to request me.  This license will allow me to advertise my Ayurvedic body therapies to the public.

Selected Past events

Ayurvedic component for Yoga Teacher Trainings
The Yoga Space, Melbourne, Florida
Level Yoga, Vero Beach, Florida


Sebastian, Florida
April 29 ~ Sustainable Kashi
Apothecary Workshop~ creating a medicinal tincture

Miami, Florida
May 13 & 14 ~ Dr. Ramkumar will be speaking Monday, May 14 at Sampoorna College.  He is one of the directors at Vaidyagrama Healing Village in south India.  He will also be speaking on Sunday, May 13th in Ft. Lauderdale at Yoga Warehouse.  I will be at both of those events.  Hope to see you there if you’re interested in learning more about Ayurveda~ Dr. Ramkumar is an awesome presence and will be able to answer almost all of your questions about this beautiful science.

Vero Beach, Florida
March 24  ~ The Yoga Pagoda
In depth study of the history and applicability of Ayurveda.  Part of a yoga teacher training.

Vero Beach, Florida
March 10 & 11th ~ Yoga Barre
In depth study of the history and applicability of Ayurveda. Part of a yoga teacher training.

Winter Park, Florida
February 24 & 25th ~   The Yoga Shala
n depth study of the history and applicability of Ayurveda. Part of a yoga training.

Vero Beach, Florida
January 25 ~ 12:15 – 1:45 ~ Yoga Vision
Tea & presentation on traveling in India and on authentic Indian Ayurvedic therapies.
No registration required.


Vero Beach, Florida
September 14 & 15 ~ Yoga Barre
A more in depth study of the history and applicability of Ayurveda. Part of a yoga teacher training.

Sebastian, Florida
June 25 ~ 1:00 – 3:00 Luna Sol
Getting Healthy this summer with Ayurveda

Melbourne, Florida
July 8 & 9 ~ Thee House of Yoga
A more in depth study of the history and applicability of Ayurveda. Part of a yoga teacher training. Outside participants welcome

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
July 16th & 17th ~ 9:30 11:30 LPS Yoga Massage Wellness
Better Habits, Better Life with Ayurveda

Wilmington, Delaware
July 22 ~ 9:30 – 12:00 Bear Glasgow YMCA
Yoga for your doshic type


Eugene, Oregon ~ Ayurvedic Spring Education Series

InJoy Wellness Center
May 14: Intro to Ayurvedic Basics
May 28th: Food as Medicine
June 4th: Ayurveda and the Mind
June 11th: Ayurveda and using common kitchen herbs

Sebastian, Florida ~ Ayurveda and meditation
Sebastian Yoga Studio


Vero Beach, Florida
~ Yoga/Ayurvedic series
Yoga Pagoda
Saturday, May 9th – The Power of Prana
Saturday, August 8th – Dosha driven Asana
Saturday, September 12th – Self realization through Yoga
Saturday, October 10th – Sound therapy
Saturday, November 21st –Herbs and Your Health
Saturday, December 12th–
The Spiritual Kitchen

Melbourne, Florida
Ayurvedic component of a yoga teacher training
Thee House of Yoga, Melbourne Beach, Florida
Ayurvedic Intensive for yoga students and teachers

Winter Park, Florida
Ayurvedic component of an Ashtanga yoga shala training
The Yoga Shala


Indian River County, Florida
Center for Spiritual Care
Synergy Institute
Week One: Introduction to Ayurveda
Week Two: Digestion and Disease
Week Three: Weight Management
Week Four: How to develop Healthy Habits
Week Five: Mental Health in Modern Times
Week Six: Spice Up Your Life with common kitchen herbs

For private or group sessions on yoga, meditation, Ayurveda~

Contact me for details

Om satamanam bhavatu satayuh
purusah satendriya
ayusyevendriye prati tisthati

May your life measure a hundred years
May your sense organs be healthy for a hundred years
May Purusa (spirit) remain in your life and body’s senses