My clients have often asked what I do to stay healthy. I will have to admit that I could always do better and that health is relative. I experience challenges and setbacks and am always working on improving my digestion and sleep which have been issues on and off for most of my life. But one thing I have been able to do all these years is keep a healthy weight and stay  active. Despite other challenges, I would like to share the bullet points from my last newsletter, outlining some of what I do that works for me in contributing to a healthy, “activity inducing” weight. Perhaps some of the following suggestions will help you as we inspire each other– for when I share, I am reminded how we are all in this together!

To stay a healthy weight~
1. I don’t eat bread or drink sugary drinks or indulge in anything that’s been deep fried.
2. I eat out on special occasions or when I have to.
3. I don’t bring foods home that are not good for me (and that includes my beloved cookies!)
4. I notice what is in other people’s grocery carts and connect what they’re buying to their outward health.
5. I forgive myself when I get off track.

And to stay active~
1.I get up from the computer every half an hour and DO SOMETHING.
2. I join groups or people that move their bodies.
3. Cultivate my admiration of what it looks and feels like to be fit.

And the dance to stay well~
1. I do a personal, objective assessment of what’s going on with my body and take the time to balance.
2. Hang out with people who are improving, growing, and who are inspired! Or read books written by them.
3. Really remember that the path of life is uneven with uphills and downhills.
4. Travel to different places and learn new things.
5. Don’t always follow a doctor’s advice, am my own health advocate. (I am NOT saying that you should not take your doctor’s advice. I appreciate their diagnoses and tests, but I work with them not for them.)

I know that these are things that I’ve taken time to cultivate. But I do work at it. For the most part, I try and make most of the things I do conscious. If I go out to eat at a restaurant and have dessert, it’s conscious, not by default. If I sit at a computer for too long, I’ll know it within an hour, not a year because I try and pay attention. And after a while, good habits become the ones that become, well, habitual! You just get used to feeling good or, at least, to feeling better than you did an hour or a day ago. Consciousness will not allow you to berate yourself for being ‘bad.’ Consciousness doesn’t hide from will power. It’s simply there.

And remember, that there is no such thing as perfect. And trying to reach perfection will only be frustrating. So we do the best that we can day after day because, the longer we live on this planet, the more we realize that health is the greatest wealth. And I’m with you on this one!  Remember that whatever we do, it’s important to enjoy! And that your best track, your best path, and my best path will always be there when we want it to be! With that~ Enjoy the rest of your Holidays!

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