How are you all doing out there?
Are you getting fatigued from all this news, this unease, this everything?  I know.  Me too.
Yesterday as I was walking down some public stairs, I grabbed onto a handrail. For a moment I forgot that we were in the midst of a pandemic and how it doesn’t help to touch common surfaces. This is part of the fatigue that I’m talking about–we start to forget because it’s too exhausting to keep remembering.

I’ll have to admit that my yoga and a few of my other practices have been getting lost in the day to day.  I’ll pick up on them, only to see them slide away as I get caught up in the strange scene that we currently find ourselves in.
But then I think on the practices that I already have in place…and that I’ve been on this path for a while so, relatively speaking, I must be doing some things right by me.
And I am.
Those keystone activities that I’ve honed over the years haven’t gone away.  And they do provide an anchor, even when I’m not feeling on top of my game.  Or even when I don’t take them to the degree or to the stage where I think they should be.
Sitting down and enjoying good breakfasts, making myself beautiful lunches, and going to bed before 10:30 are still there. Stretching and taking walks– I still do.  Even some of my long held thoughts and feelings have become keystones: The gratitude that I feel simply upon awakening each morning has never gone away and never fails to anchor me to the present

These long time practices and relatively simple habits help to bring ease and a sense of peace.

Remember–you can keep coming back to the simple things in life that you already do–practices which you already have in place that bring you a sense of peace, bringing you to your present.  Make a list of things that you already do that help you to feel centered, grounded and in the moment– no matter how simple or commonplace.  Then, give yourself some credit!  I know that if you are reading this, that you are doing it!  Remember:  We are all human ‘beings’.


Stay hydrated and cool with Dr. Lad’s Ayurvedic Gatorade

• pinch of raw sugar
• pinch of salt
• juice of one-half lime
• 1 cup water
Mix the raw sugar, salt and water together until well blended. Add the juice of 1/2 a lime and mix again. This hydrating drink will cool not just your body, but also your mind!


Other ways to stay cool during hot weather~ 
*Enjoy coconut water, watermelon, cucumbers, limes and mint.
*Partake in ALL those fabulous seasonal fruits and greens.
*Wear light, cooling colors like pastel greens and blues.
*Smooth coconut oil on the soles of your feet and the scalp before bed.

Your partner in health, guided by ancient wisdom and experience
I have been offering personalized Ayurvedic counseling and programs through the ZOOM platform tailored to the individual.  My relationship with my clients is important to me, so I limit the number of people that I work with.

My offerings entail monthly contracts that include a personal ZOOM session once a week and ongoing e-mail support in between sessions with suggestions appropriate for each client.  What I hope to transmit are the lessons and the wisdom that I have learned over decades through a number of teachers and masters of yoga, Ayurveda, and herbalism.  Setting these wisdoms in motion have contributed to my own healing as well.
If you think you may be interested, please send me an e-mail and I will be glad to respond with more information about what I do and how I could help you feel better, feel healthier and more at ease!