In Ayurveda, there are three basic constitution types.  Your constitution determines the kinds of ailments you’re prone to, but can also point to the best methods on how to care for both your body and your mind.   Though we all possess combinations of these three types, one is generally predominant.

Vata types:  these folks can be either tall or short, though their bones are slender and many times prominent.  Their hair may be curly and can sometimes be sparse.  They tend to have dry skin (or combination skin when young), and are quick to respond and to act, not always thinking things through.  Like the wind, their actions can be unpredictable and their minds will quickly comprehend new information; however, the information blows through their heads fast and they will have a difficult time retaining it. Their appetites will vary as their eyes are bigger than their stomachs– that is, they may not finish the food that is set down in front of them. There are other irregularities too—they can often be late or forget appointments or change their minds quickly. The energy of a vata type is like a deer and they can dream a lot, especially “air dreams” as in falling or flying or running.  Vata types can talk to anyone or anything and stray easily from a given topic.  Fear and anxiety come easily to them and they may worry often.

Pitta types:  these folks have proportioned frames, bones, and musculature. Their hair could be lightly colored, thin, straight and they will gray or go bald more quickly than the other two types.  Their skin may be pink or warm to the touch and they’ll have oily skin when young.  These types are quick to respond but may be critical or sharp in their speaking.  Like fire, they’ll want to get to the “spark” or to the point of a conversation, so they can sometimes lack patience.  They retain information, but only when they see it as essential or beneficial to them. Their appetites and their digestive capacity is strong and they will eat everything on their plates and could get angry if a meal is late. Their energy is like a tiger’s and they tend to dream in color and of water.  Pitta types talk when they want to achieve a goal, get a point across, or win an argument.  Intense or heated emotions may come easily to them.

Kapha types:  these folks have thicker frames and easily hold on to fat.  Their hair can be luxurious, and they have big, round eyes.  Their skin is cool to the touch and they like to be warm.  These types are slow to respond and, like water, their speech flows and is melodious.  They hold on to information for long periods of time and their appetites, being steadier, isn’t as strong as pittas as these types can go without food, specifically breakfast, without feeling distressed.  Their energy is evenly paced, and they have a harder time remembering their dreams which are often more laid back than vata or pitta type dream dramas.  They tend to hold on to old routines as they are slow to change.

Of the three, vata types need the most nourishing, pitta types need the most cooling and kapha types can use the stimulation.
You can apply NOURISHING, COOLING, STIMULATING to foods, activities, scents, oils as well as to herbs and spices.

Some quick examples:

*Nourishing:  warm rice pudding; warm, pureed soups
*Cooling:  lime or coconut water; vegetables like cucumber, green beans, salads, squashes and peas
*Stimulating: caffeinated drinks; raw and steamed vegetables, salad

*Nourishing:  Sitting under a tree on a warm, summer day; slow, deep breathing; gentle walks in nature
*Cooling:  taking a dip in a clear, cool lake; sitting under a fan and looking at the blue sky; deep breathing
*Stimulating:  walking fast; sports like tennis;  quick, deep breaths

*Nourishing:  ashwagandha
*Cooling:  fennel
*Stimulating:  pepper and chilis

If you would like to learn more about YOU and what foods, activities, and herbs can help you feel your best, schedule your 20-minute consultation today!

And may you Be well~