In ancient wisdom times, the divine feminine was embraced.  She was known to manifest in all that is physical.  Ships that sail and lands that provide–the Mother ship, the Mother land….Mother is what keeps you afloat.  She is the source of your sustenance. She was seen in the cooling energy of the moon, the grounding essence of the earth, the watery force of nature.

So what is the significance of Mother and why is acknowledgement of the Mother so important?

It’s said that one cannot recognize their deepest nature without first embracing this feminine force.   It would be like a beautiful flower dissing the very soil from which it sprouts, shameful that its roots are in the mud–the very place where it attains its nutrients so that it can grow and bloom into a colorful beauty with a chance to face the Sun.

When people have adverse experiences with their mothers growing up, they’re likely to revisit the reason for the “lost” connection over and over as mother is meant to nurture, protect, and love, for it is She who helps us to connect in the most primal and earthy of ways.  A solid connection allows us to bloom forth in this life–giving us a chance to navigate its perils and traps with a little more fluidity, a little more softness, a little more color.

Finding Mother in our own selves is possible when we are appreciative of the earth, when we take care of our bodies and when we nurture others on their journeys.

The bottom line is that when we take care of our bodies, we honor Mother.  When we honor the earth and acknowledge our connection to nature, we honor Mother.  When we’re able to relate to one another through our hearts, we honor Mother.

Whether you’ve never really felt like you’ve known your mother or if she is gone from the earth or if she was less than your ideal of what you thought a mother should be I invite you, on this Mother’s day, to mother yourself:  To be soft, nourishing, and gently protective of your being as you open your heart and trust your roots.  And to not forget that it was her existence who birthed your existence so that you may attend to your life’s lessons.

May we all be filled with the fullness of our own hearts and may that fullness spill over into the world which could use the softness, color and light of a graceful bloom on this Mother’s Day and always~